Windsor Action Pistol Club

Windsor Action Pistol Club has been a main stay in Windsor since 1991 when we first opened our doors.

Windsor Action Pistol Club offers two indoor ranges, a 7 stall
pistol range and a 1 stall rifle range. Both ranges are 25 meters long.
Membership fees are $240 a year for individuals and $360 a year for family membership.
A family membership may be bought for all individuals that live in the same house hold.

Included in your membership fees are the following:
Key card access to the range from 7am until 11pm.

Handgun Range Safety Course   
Bulls Eye shooting on Monday nights    
PPC shooting on Wednesday nights
IDPA/IPSC shooting on Friday nights 
      Guests of all members only pay $5 per person to shoot with a member.

All members have the ability to attend the Range Safety Course at any time for a refresher
on rules and regulations that may have changed.

Facilities for cleaning and maintenance of your firearms.

All new members must complete our 6 class range safety course before receiving their full privileges.
Non-members may bring and shoot their non-restricted firearms for a fee
of $15/person, restricted firearms require a membership to be fired on the range.
Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while in the
ready room or on the range.


The Range is open Monday thru Sunday from 7am-11pm for members.
For non-members the range hours are 10am-6pm.
We offer open range times from 7am until 6pm every day of the year
unless otherwise stated. And offer open range times all day every Thursday and
Sunday. The only times the range is closed to general shooters is when a discipline
is being shot or for our range safety course.

MONDAYS 6pm-9pm Bulls Eye Shooting
TUESDAY 6pm-8pm Safety Training Course
FRIDAY 6pm-10pm IDPA & IPSC on alternating weeks
SATURDAY 10am-12pm Safety Training Course

Windsor Action Pistol Club Rules
1. Members must wear I.D. card at all times while in the club and the card must be visible
2. Guests must be signed in under Membership I.D. Card #
3. Guests must be supervised directly at all times
4. Eye and ear protection is mandatory
5. Only one firearm per stall
6. Maximum of one shooter and one coach per stall
7. No unauthorized targets
8. No holsters unless qualified and practicing a disciple
9. No smoking, eating or drinking on the range
10. Absolutely no horseplay

Contact General Gun & Supply for any questions